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Session 3 - Core Knowledge

This is the third session in the 'Core Knowledge' question set.

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Q1. In which country was it understood that printing of an image first began?

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Q2. Pantone is the international standard for colour. What does it allow you to do effectively and accurately?

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Q3. Delta E value is used to identify which of the following?

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Q4. Which of the following best describes 5s, as apart of the Lean Manufacturing process?

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Q5. Which one is missing from the following 5s process: Sort, Shine, Standardise, Sustain.

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Q6. Defects, Excess processing, Over production, Waiting, Inventory, Transportation, Motion. Unused talent, all form what in Lean manufacturing?

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Q7. What does the letter K stand for in the CMYK print process?

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Q8. Which printing process uses a powder type substance known as toner to reproduce an image?

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Q9. Which printing process relies on static electricity to produce a print?

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Q10. Pre-press and Press are both manufacturing departments in a printing company. Select one other?

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Q11. How many A4 sheets can be cut from an A2 sheet of paper?

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Q12. Which of the following best describes RA paper sizes?

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Q13. Which paper size is identified for the use of envelopes?

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Q14. Which type of press is capable of printing reel to reel?

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Q15. A stream feed system can be found on which item of equipment?

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Q16. The term common impression press would be given to which of the following press types?

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Q17. Maintenance of equipment should be carried out for which of the following reason?

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Q18. The term “Intaglio” is given to which of the following printing processes?

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Q19. Which of the following could be done as an “inline” operation on a press?

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Q20. A visual loading board (electronic or wall based) is used to identify which of the following?

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Q21. Kaizen is a system put in place by industry for what reason?

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Q22. Which of the following is least likely to have an impact on profitability of a job?

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Q23. The solid patch on a quality control strip, is used by the printers to determine which of the following?

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Q24. The tone patches on a quality control strip is used to determine which of the following?

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Q25. Which of the following would be the quick form of Proof to send to a customer?

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Q26. A quality assurance system and procedure would be put in place for which following reason?

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Q27. A Computer to Plate system (CTP) is commonly used to digitally output the image carriers used across a range of print processes. Which department would it usually be found in?

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Q28. An approved “Proof” falls at what stage in the production of a job?

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Q29. The estimating department are responsible for which part of preparing for a job?

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