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Session 2 - Core Knowledge

This is the second session in the 'Core Knowledge' question set.

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Q1. Which one of the following is a responsibility of an employee at work?

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Q2. The health and safety act 1974 was introduced to protect who?

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Q3. Which of the following would be used to give the operative details for production?

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Q4. The Human Resources department in a print company is responsible for which of the following:

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Q5. Desk Top Publishing is the generation of images and text in preparation for print, which department does it take place in?

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Q6. Production of jobs are generally categorised. Which one of the following is NOT a category?

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Q7. A risk assessment must be conducted by all employers. What is it used to establish?

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Q8. Which of the following is the key reason for monitoring production in the production workflow?

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Q9. Which of the following is a common cause of delays within production?

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Q10. Maintenance should be done for which of the following reasons?

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Q11. Which is the most important reason to record production data?

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Q12.The dandy roller is employed on the paper making machine for what reason?

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Q13. RGB is the term given to the colours which appear in which of the following?

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Q14. CMYK referred to in the printing industry represents which of the following?

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Q15. The subtractive pigmentary primary colours are which of the following?

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Q16. The densitometer is a device used to monitor which of the following in print?

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Q17. Orange and Green alongside Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are used in the reproduction of printed copy to enhance the colours was given what name?

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Q18. Which of the following is the main purpose for keeping production equipment free from dirt?

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Q19. Which one of the following best describes the purpose of a quality control?

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Q20. Which of the following could be classed as a quality control technique employed in print?

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Q21. Which one of the following would NOT be a key advantage of using a digitally produced image carrier?

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Q22. Which of the following best describes the purpose of calibration when setting up machinery for production?

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Q23. Why is it important that all jobs are planned carefully into a production?

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Q24.  A spectrophotometer allows the print operative to check what?

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Q25. Which of the following type of proof would normally work out the most expensive to produce?

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Q26. “Sampling” is the term given to which of the following task?

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Q27. Planned maintenance is conducted on equipment for which of the following reasons?

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Q28. What is the aim of quality control during production?

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Q29. What should be signed by the production manager and achieved prior to production commencement on a press?

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Q30. A “safety data sheet”  would be referred to by who in the event of an accident to ensure they know the best way to deal with the person involved?

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