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Session 1 - Prepress Knowledge

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Q1. Which of the following printing processes does not use an image carrier to reproduce printed copies?

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Q2. The image carrier in the Lithographic process is made from what material?

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Q3. The image carrier which is engraved using a diamond stylus then chromium plated is made from what material?

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Q4. Which one of the following image carriers is referred to as a relief process?

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Q5. Which printing process has an image carrier that relies on the principle that oil and water do not mix?

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Q6. What quality control patch is used to monitor the exposure of printing plate for dot gain?

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Q7. Which method of working is used when a printing plate holds both the front and back of the printed job on one plate?

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Q8. When planning a single colour job for sheetwork, how many plates will be used to print both sides of the sheet?

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Q9. Which following item should be routinely calibrated before use?

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Q10. Which of the following needs to be understood by the DTP operator when preparing a layout for print?

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Q11. Increasing the resolution (dpi) when outputting a job for print will have what main impact on the job?

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Q12. Which of the following would be used to determine the quality of the image carrier after output?

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Q13. What colour model does a computer screen work with?

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Q14. When using the four colour process CMYK for the output of print, what does the letter K stand for?

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Q15. A duotone is reproduced using how many printing plates when produced on a lithographic press?

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Q16. When producing a job in CMYK on a flexographic press, how many printing plates will be used?

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Q17. Which of the following best describes the role of the colour gamut?

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Q18. Which one of the following is issued to a customer to allow a job to be checked and signed prior to printing output?

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Q19. Which of the following is considered the most accurate proof to the final output of a job?

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Q20. Why is it important that a customer signature is sort on a proof prior to print?

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Q21. Which piece of a Desk Top Publishers hardware stores the electronic copy after design?

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Q22. Which of the following would be classed as moveable media?

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Q23. The term typography is given to which of the following?

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Q24. The term “font” is used when referring to which of the following?

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Q25. The size of text in the printing and design industry is measured in which of the following?

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Q26. Which of the following best describes the “X” height when designing a font?

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Q27. Which of the below best describes the term “Trapping” in the production of artwork?

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Q28. Which of the following best describe a “halftone”?

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Q29. When we refer to the content of a picture, we talk about shadow detail, mid tones and highlights. Which of the below best defines the term “highlight”?

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Q30. Which of the following best describes a “Vector” image?

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