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Session 1 - Core Knowledge

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Q1. Johanne Guttenberg is famous for which of the following reasons?

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Q2. Which printing process would be used when printing a single copy of a poster?

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Q3. Which printing process would use individual pieces of moveable type to contact the image?

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Q4. The printing process came about as a form of which of the following?

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Q5. Which is the oldest of all the printing processes?

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Q6. William Caxton can be credited with which of the follow?

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Q7.  Which one of the following is not a production department in the print industry?

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Q8. To remain in business a print company must primarily do which of the following?

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Q9. Which of the following best describes the purpose of a customer signed proof?

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Q10. Which one of the following processes would be considered the fastest growing?

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Q11. Which of the following could be considered a culture a company would not want to be seen to promote?

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Q12. Which metal is used to allow easy engraving of the gravure image carrier?

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Q13. Which printing process is continually being developed to support the production of 3D images?

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Q14. Which process transfers the inked image from a printing plate to a rubber blanket before transferring it on to the substrate?

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Q15. Corrugated cardboard needs to be printed on using which of the following processes to prevent damage to the individual flutes?

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Q16. Which of the following would an employee seek support from when dealing with work related concerns over pay?

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Q17. Which of the following would be identified as the recognised standard for Quality?

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Q18. Which of the following departments would be responsible for the completing and converting of the end product?

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Q19. Which of the following is most likely to be printed using the flexographic process?

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Q20. A guillotine would commonly be found in which production department?

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Q21. Which of the following would give all the accurate details of a job to the work operative?

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Q22. Which safety regulation would expect employers to report certain types of injuries and diseases in the workplace?

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Q23. COSHH is the regulation which governs which of the following in the workplace?

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Q24. A quality product is one that?

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Q25. Which two cylinders does the substrate pass between when being produced on an offset press?

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Q26. The anilox roller forms part of the inking system in which printing process?

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Q27. A squeegee is used in which of the following printing processes?

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Q28. Which printing process is known as a stencil process?

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Q29. Relief – is the term given to the raised image area in which of the following processes?

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Q.30 Which printing process uses a doctor blade to remove the ink away from the non-image area on a cylinder prior to print?

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