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Session 1 - Press Knowledge

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Q1. Which printing process uses an Anilox roller to distribute ink to the plate?

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Q2. The rubber blanket used to transfer the ink from an aluminium printing plate to the substrate, is used in what process?

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Q3. The inking form roller within a roller stack is responsible for which of the following:

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Q4. Vehicle and additives are two component parts of a litho ink. Which of the following would be used to give the ink a colour?

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Q5. A doctor blade would be used in which of the following processes to control the flow and evenness of the ink to the plate?

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Q6. Digital inkjet printing uses which of the following types of ink?

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Q7. The image carrier created using a diamond stylus to engrave small cells would be associated with which of the following processes?

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Q8. The device used to monitor the shore hardness of rubber is known as:

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Q9. Which of the following cylinders would be responsible for supporting the substrate during printing in a typical lithographic unit type press?

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Q10. Which of the following feeder systems could commonly be employed on a sheet fed press.

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Q11. Which of the following printing processes relies on a roller or belt being electrostatically charged to attract the ink prior to print?

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Q12. The ink viscosity used on a flexographic press can be measured using which of the following tools?

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Q13. The perfecting cylinder employed on a sheet fed press is used to do which of the following tasks?

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Q14. The lays on a printing press are used to do which of the following tasks?

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Q15. Which of the following printing processes uses a photopolymer liquid emulsion applied coating in the creation of the image carrier?

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Q16. A squeegee is application device used in which process?

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Q17. Which of the following accelerated drying systems would best be employed on water based ink?

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Q18. What tool is best used to prevent the over tightening of nuts and bolts?

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Q19. A micrometer is commonly used in print for which of the following reasons?

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Q20. Grease and oil are used when conducting regular maintenance. For what main reason?

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Q21. Grease and oil are both forms of lubricant. They are both different in Viscosity. What does Viscosity mean?

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Q22. The purpose of regular planned maintenance is to?

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Q23. Which type of ink dry’s using oxidation, polymerisation and some absorption?

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Q24. What type of process uses chill rollers to aid print drying?

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Q25. Which type of press uses an infeed system with dancer rollers to help maintain reel tension?

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Q26. A blanket-to-blanket press is capable of which of the following?

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Q27. Which type of feeder is commonly found on a digital sheet fed laser device?

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Q28. The alignment of the images to each other when producing a print is referred to as?

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Q29. Press calibration is done for which of the following reasons?

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Q30. Accurate plate exposure can impact on which of the following items when producing a plate for print?

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