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Session 1 - Post Press Knowledge

This is the first session in the 'Print Knowledge' question set.

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Q1. When manufacturing a book, the signature marks located on the spine of each printed section, are used to indicate what?

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Q2. A “casing-in” machine is responsible for which of the following:

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Q3. A “case making” machine is responsible for which of the following?

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Q4. The board thickness used in the creation of a hardback book uses what form of measurement?

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Q5. Adjustment to the plate on the folding machine would change which of the following?

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Q6. The infeed system employed on a folding machine is responsible for what?

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Q7. Which of the following is an “ancillary” operation found on a folding machine?

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Q8. “Knifes” and “plates” employed on a folding machine, are responsible for which of the following?

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Q9. A folding machine capable of folding the sheet in two directions in one pass requires which of the following?

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Q10. Incorrect/uneven pressure settings on the rollers when preparing a folding machines will lead to which of the following faults?

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Q11. Which of the following best describes the term laminating?

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Q12. Which of the following best describes encapsulating?

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Q13. End papers are used in bookbinding, for which reason?

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Q14. “Embossing” and “debossing” are both forms of what?

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Q15. Which of the following would best describes the use of a single knife guillotine?

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Q16. “Undercut” and “Overcut” are faults related to which of the following processes?

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Q17.  Too much clamp pressure can cause which of the following on a guillotine?

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Q18. Which of the following would need to be rotated or changed as part of routine maintenance on a guillotine?

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Q19. Grain direction found in the manufacture of paper relates to which of the following?

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Q20. Which of the following is not a method of monitoring the finished output of a job?

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Q21. A cutting die used in the print finishing process, is employed for which of the following reason?

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Q22. Ejection material is used on a cutting die for what reason?

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Q23. The blunt rounded edged metal strips are mounted in the cutting die to do what task?

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Q24. If a cutting die is NOT cutting completely through the printed sheet, it will require the operator to do which of the following?

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Q25. Which of the following methods of binding allows additional pages to be placed in a book?

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Q26. Which method of binding is commonly employed on an insetter, stitch and trim machine?

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Q27. Which of the following best identifies the size of an ISO A4 sheet.

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Q28. Which type of glue requires heating prior to application to the spine?

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Q29. The roller used to apply water marks and different finishes to paper and board during manufacture, is known as a?

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Q30. Grip and Lay edges of a printed sheet are essential for a post press operator to know. For which of the following reasons?

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